The Helping Hands Network

The mission of the Helping Hands Network is to advance God’s kingdom against the powers of darkness by loving God passionately and doing the work of Jesus through the power of His Spirit. The Helping Hands Ministry is committed to compassionately helping the poor and oppressed by focusing on the needs of single parents and widows.

We are a group of individuals committed to providing single parents and widows with the resources (knowledge, skills, labor and tools) they may lack to help maintain homes and households during their season of need. Our desire is to provide a group of volunteers who are willing to assist in completing minor tasks for single parents and widows. Our hope is as this portion of the network grows and strengthens, we will be able to increase the services we can offer, as well as the target population.

To volunteer, visit the Helping Hands volunteer page here.

To request assistance for yourself or a widow or single parent you know, visit the Helping Hands requests page here.